Earsham Street Deli is an emporium for all things delicious
crammed with products to tempt you.

From the simplicity of the proper bread, delivered daily, to the aged balsamics from Modena,
all our products are made by artisan producers who are the best at what they do.


The Shelves


We are dedicated to flavour, but we don’t just focus on the curious. We sell fresh bread, milk and eggs (all local of course!); tea, coffee, chocolate and cake; crackers, pasta, sauces and oils. From the traditional to the exotic, with so much in between. We don’t use the term 'emporium' lightly!


The Chillers


We stock a vast selection of cheeses, specialising in British, including a vast selection of local favourites. We've also selected some of the best continental varieties to complete our range. Our cheeses are kept in excellent condition, and we are happy to advise you on what to choose and always encourage you to have a taste. There's also olives galore, salamis & cured meats (we love the continental ones, but we're also addicted to the fantastic range produced just down the road by Marsh Pig!), local hams and pates. And not forgetting smoked fish from Pinney's of Orford, fresh pasta, and an ever-changing array of beautiful homemade cakes and patisserie.


The Freezers


We offer a selection of our own homemade desserts, dinner parties when you have no time to prepare something yourself. We boast three ranges of ice creams, all produced locally and one dairy free, as well as the outstanding pies made just down the road by Truly Traceable. Our freezers are full of things to make your life easier whilst maintaining our usual standard of delicious!