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Online ordering & Shopping during the Coronavirus outbreak

We are delighted to be able to welcome you back inside the shop!

Monday to Saturday: 9am to 5:30pm. 

We do have to ask you to follow our simple house rules in order to ensure the safety of everybody in these trying times;

* Please wait to be called in
* Only TWO customers (or households) at a time (maximum  FOUR people at any one time)
* Wear your FACE MASK (it’s the law)
* SANITISE your hands as you enter the shop
* Pay with your CARD whenever possible
* Queue RESPONSIBLY and RESPECT the SPACE of other customers

Whilst your shopping experience may currently be somewhat altered, please continue to be PATIENT and KIND. We’re still more than happy for you to order in advance and will prepare your products for contactless collection (just call or email)

Keep on keeping safe X

Please order by email or over the phone and we’ll prepare your order for you to collect when you choose. We can take payment by card over the phone if you’d prefer, or you can pay by card at the door.

We are now doing our takeaway sandwiches again. If there’s anything you’d like to ask, please just get in touch, and email us if you would like to join our mailing list for updates.

We deem this to be the safest way to continue serving our loyal customers, and a huge thank you once again for your continued support over the last few months. We really appreciate it.

Please call or email us. We’ll get your order ready for you, call you for payment and allocate a collection time slot.

We stock essentials, alongside the luxurious and the treats. We’ve put together a range of some of the things we think that you might need or like. We may have to substitute similar products.

Simply make a note of the products that you would like from the section below and get in touch. This is not an extensive list, please ask for your usual favourites if you don’t see them. 

Just phone or email us with your order. Once it’s ready we’ll call you to take payment over the phone.

Do we have your email address?

During this trying time we will endeavour to keep you informed by email of any changes to the way we are operating, issues with supplies, or any special offers, in order to continue to serve you in the best way we can.

We won’t ever share your info and you can ask us to unsubscribe you at any time you like.

If you’d like to be included, simply email us your name, with the subject ‘Subscribe’, or ask us when you phone your order through.



PHONE: 01986 894754

6 free range eggs £1.25
Blackmore Blue Eggs x 6 £2.50
Blackmore Brown Eggs x 6 £2.50
Salted butter block £2.00
Unsalted butter block £2.00
Bungay raw butter £4.50
Local semi skimmed milk 500ml £0.85
Local semi skimmed milk 1litre £1.25
Local semi skimmed milk 2litre £2.20
Local whole milk 500ml £0.85
Local whole milk 1litre £1.25
Local whole milk 2litre £2.20
Local raw cream 250ml £1.65
Crème fraiche 200g £1.50
Ricotta 250g £2.00
Mascarpone 250g £2.50
Full fat soft cheese 200g £1.50
Cottage cheese 250g £1.40
Cottage cheese with chives 250g £1.40
Collier’s mature cheddar block 350g £3.95
Colliers extra mature cheddar bulk block approx 1.25kg £10.00
Mozzarella ball £1.25
Buffalo mozzarella £2.50
Halloumi £2.95
Pot of Houmous £2.50
Pot of taramasalata £2.50
Pinney’s smoked fish pate (when available) £4.50
Pinney’s smoked salmon pate (when available) £4.95
Pinney’s smoked salmon 114g (when available) £5.50
Pinney’s smoked salmon 227g (when available) £9.95
Kimchi £4.95
Kraut £4.50
Olives and antipasti – all £2.00 per 100g
Small full pot approx £5. Large full pot approx £8
Please state how much you would like
Pitted green Halkidiki olives
Pitted Kalamata olives
Mixed pitted olives with rosemary and garlic
Pitted green olives with lemon and herbs
French black olives – stone in
Nocellara olives (early harvest) – stone in
Garlic stuffed green olives
Almond stuffed green olives
Feta stuffed green olives
Sundried tomato stuffed green olives
Pimento stuffed green olives
Piri piri stuffed green olives
Sunblushed tomatoes
Artichoke hearts (please state quantity)
Balsamic onions
Peppers stuffed with ricotta and feta
Palfrey and Hall unsmoked back bacon price varies, £3 to £4
Palfrey and Hall smoked back bacon price varies, £3 to £4
Palfrey and Hall Suffolk black back bacon price varies, £3 to £4
Palfrey and Hall smoked streaky bacon price varies, £3 to £4
Palfrey and Hall Suffolk black streaky bacon price varies, £3 to £4
Unsmoked Norfolk ham 6 slices price varies, £2.50 – £3.50
Smoked Norfolk ham 6 slices price varies, £2.50 – £3.50
Sliced Prosciutto £3.95
Chicken liver pate £2.25/100g
Duck liver pate £2.25/100g
Pork and Suffolk cider terrine £2.25/100g
Traditional sausage roll £3.50
Onion marmalade and mustard pork sausage roll £3.50
Spiced sweet potato vegan roll £3.50
Classic bacon, cheddar and onion quiche £3.75
Chorizo, mozzarella and sundried tomato quiche £3.75
Mushroom, leek and Wells Alpine quiche £3.75
Goats cheese and roasted ratatouille quiche £3.75
Petit pois, pesto and watercress quiche £3.75
Smoked salmon and rocket quiche £3.75
Handraised pork pie £1.75
Large 1lb handraised pork pie £5.50
Brays Cottage plain pork pie £3.25
Brays Cottage onion marmalade pork pie £3.25
Brays Cottage chilli pork pie £3.25
Brays Cottage chorizo pork pie £3.25
Small white farmhouse loaf £1.10
Small granary farmhouse loaf £1.10
Small wholemeal farmhouse loaf £1.10
Large white sliced loaf £1.90
Large granary sliced loaf £1.90
Seeded cob £1.70
Olive and oregano bread £2.00
Oat and honey granola £3.95
Honey fruit and nut granola £3.95
Oat Pantry maple and pecan granola £4.95
Oat Pantry cherry and almond granola £4.95
Oat Pantry ‘carrot cake’ porridge £4.95
Oat Pantry cherry and almond porridge £4.95
Oat Pantry peanut butter and chia seed granola £4.95
Butterworths English breakfast teabags £3.75
Butterworths Earl Grey teabags £4.50
Butterworths Suffolk Gold Blend teabags £4.50
Butterworths Suffolk Special Blend teabags £3.75
Butterworths 100% espresso coffee beans £8.50
Butterworrths 100% espresso ground coffee £8.50
Butterworths Espresso Latino coffee beans £6.75
Butterworths Espresso Latino ground coffee £6.75
Butterworths artisan espresso coffee beans £4.95
Butterworths artisan espresso ground coffee £4.95
Butterworths Peru coffee beans £6.95
Butterworths Peru ground coffee £6.95
Butterworths Ethiopian coffee beans £8.50
Butterworth Ethiopian ground coffee £8.50
Butterworths Guatemalan coffee beans £6.95
Butterworths Guatemalan ground coffee £6.95
Butterworths Colombian coffee beans £6.95
Butterworths Colombian ground coffee £6.95
Butterworths decaf coffee beans £7.95
Butterworths decaf ground coffee £7.95
High House Fruit Farms apple juice £3.25
Cawston Press apple juice £2.95
Cawston Press apple and elderflower juice £2.95
Cawston Press apple and rhubarb juice £2.95
Caswton Press apple and ginger juice £2.95
Cawston Press orange £3.25
Cawston Press beetroot juice £3.25
Local honey – set £5.25
Local honey – runny £5.25
Local marmalade £3.75
Local jam – please specify preferred flavour £3.75
Black Bomber £1.75/100g
Red Storm £1.75/100g
Pitchfork Cheddar £2.85/100g
Lincolnshire Poacher £2.15/100g
Montgomery Cheddar £2.05/100g
Keen’s Cheddar £1.80/100g
Cornish Yarg £2.20/100g
Cornish Yarg with wild garlic £2.20/100g
Cheshire Abbleby’s Red £2.20/100g
Wensleydale £1.60/100g
Mrs. Kirkham’s Lancashire £1.80/100g
Jarlsberg £1.50/100g
Old Amsterdam £1.95/100g
Manchego £1.95/100g
Pecorino Sardo £2.20/100g
Ossau Iraty £3.10/100g
Goat log £1.35/100g
Ticklemore £3.25/100g
Parmesan Reggiano £2.40/100g
Roquefort £3.20/100g
Dolcelatte £1.55/100g
Gorgonzola £1.70/100g
Blacksticks Blue £2.00/100g
Oxford Blue £2.00/100g
Cropwell Bishop Stilton £1.75/100g
Stichelton £3.15/100g
Stinking Bishop £3.55/100g
Baron Bigod £2.50/100g
Baby Baron Bigod 200g £6.50
St Jude £5.50
St Cera £5.95
Wells Alpine £2.20/100g
Norfolk Walsingham £2.00/100g
Norfolk Dapple £2.10/100g
Smoked Norfolk Dapple £2.35/100g
Binham Blue £2.25/100g
Suffolk Blue £2.25/100g
Norfolk Mardler £3.00/100g
Peter’s Yard selection box £6.95
Peter’s Yard crispbreads £3.95
Peter’s Yard mini crispbreads £2.95
Apricot toasts for cheese £3.40
Cherry toasts for cheese £3.40
Date toasts for cheese £3.40
Quince toasts for cheese £3.40
Fine Cheese water crackers £1.95
Fine English wheat rounds £2.95
Fine English charcoal squares £2.95
Fine Cheese bath squares £2.95
Fine Cheese gluten free water crackers £2.95
Gluten free hot pepper and coriander wafers £2.95
Gluten free oak smoked garlic & black poppy seed wafers £2.95
Gluten free roasted onion and nigella seed wafers £2.95
Gluten free cracked black pepper and sea salt wafers £2.95
Gluten free olive oil and sea salt crackers £2.95
Fig crackers for cheese £2.50
Walnut and honey crackers for cheese £2.50
Olive oil and sea salt crackers for cheese £2.50
Lemon and sea salt crackers for cheese £2.50
Chive crackers for cheese £2.50
Chilli crackers for cheese £2.50
Basil crackers for cheese £2.50
Rosemary crackers for cheese £2.50
Cheese Palmiers £3.50
Cheese twists £3.50
Cheese Straws £3.50
Pesto and parmesan mini breadsticks £3.50
Garlic and parsley mini breadsticks £3.60
Seggiano classic grissini £3.95
Seggiano wholewheat grissini £3.95
Seggiano classic tongue biscuit £3.95
Seggiano rosemary tongue biscuits £3.95
Seggiano parmesan tongue biscuits £3.95
Seggiano classic mini tongues £3.25
Seggiano rosemary mini tongues £3.25
Seggiano parmesan mini tongues £3.25
Pipers sea salt crisps £2.00
Pipers salt and vinegar crisps £2.00
Pipers cheese and onion crisps £2.00
Pipers rosemary and thyme crisps £2.00
Pipers salt and black pepper crisps £2.00
Pipers chilli crisps £2.00
Pipers chorizo crisps £2.00
Truffle Crisps £3.95
Luchito Nachos £2.50
Chutney – we’ve hundreds, let us choose or specify your favourite price varies, £3 – £4.50
Eastgate Larder Medlar Jelly £4.50
Eastgate Larder Medlar Cheese £4.50
Stokes tomato ketchup small bottle £2.75
Stokes tomato ketchup large bottle £3.75
Stokes real mayonnaise £3.25
Stokes tartare sauce £3.50
Stokes cranberry sauce £3.50
Stokes redcurrant jelly £3.50
Stokes mint sauce £3.50
Tracklements strong English mustard £2.25
Tracklements Dijon mustard £2.25
Tracklements spiced honey mustard £2.25
Tracklements balsamic mustard £2.25
Tracklemments hot spitfire mustard £2.25
Tracklements hot wholegrain mustard £2.25
Tracklements strong horseradish and cream £2.75
Garlic bulb £1.50
Smoked garlic bulb £1.75
Maldon sea salt £2.50
Garlic puree £2.95
Extra virgin olive oil 500ml £4.50
Hillfarm rapeseed oil 750ml £7.95
Iliada kalamata olive oil 1 litre £9.95
Iliada kalamata 3 litre £24.95
Iliada kalamata 5 litre £35.95
Bronze balsamic vinegar £8.95
Silver balsamic vinegar £11.95
Gold balsamic vinegar £19.95
Balsamic glaze large £10.95
Balsamic glaze small £3.95
Aspall red wine vinegar £1.75
Aspall white wine vinegar £1.75
Aspall cider vinegar £1.75
Willy’s apple cider vinegar 500ml £6.95
Willy’s apple cider vinegar with honey 500ml £6.95
Willy’s apple cider vinegar 1000ml £9.95
San Marzano peeled plum tomatoes £1.95
Tinned chopped tomatoes £1.50
Tinned plum tomatoes £1.50
Tinned cherry tomatoes £1.75
Passata £2.95
Mutti tomato puree £1.50
Seggiano cherry tomato salsa £2.95
Seggiano basilico pasta sauce £2.95
Seggiano arrabbiata pasta sauce £2.95
Seggiano marinara pasta sauce £2.95
Seggiano puttanesca £2.95
Fresh green pesto pot £3.50
Casalinga chilli pesto £3.75
Arborio rice 1kg £2.95
Seggiano aborio rice 500g £3.25
Seggiano carnaroli rice 500g £3.25
Seggiano black venus rice 500g £4.50
Seggiano wild red rice 500g £4.50
Pinenut and basil risotto rice mix £4.40
Wild porcini risotto rice mix £4.40
Smoked paprika and saffron paella rice mix £4.20
Mediterranean cous cous mix £3.75
Brindisa gazpacho (chilled) £3.95
Gnocchi £1.95
Linguine £2.50
Casserecce pasta £2.50
Mafaldine pasta (‘frilly’ tagliatelle) £3.95
Garofalo gluten free penne £3.25
Garofalo gluten free linguine £3.25
Orzo £2.25
Macaroni £2.25
Lasagne £2.50
Seggiano spaghettini £3.95
Seggiano tagliatelle £3.95
Seggiano papardelle £3.95
Seggiano penne £3.95
Handmade Woodbridge pasta – Spinach & Turmeric Tagliolini £3.95
Handmade Woodbridge pasta – Spinach, Beetroot & Turmeric Fusilli £3.95
Handmade Woodbridge pasta – Spinach, Beetroot & Turmeric Riccioloni £3.95
Handmade Woodbridge pasta – Spinach, Beetroot & Turmeric Papardelle £3.95
Porcini Strozzapreti £5.75
Truffle Tagliatelle £5.75
Black truffle oil £5.50
White truffle oil £5.50
White truffle balsamic £6.25
Porcini mushrooms 6.00/100g
Forest mix mushrooms 4.00/100g
Smoked paprika – 70g – Sweet £2.50
Smoked paprika – 70g – Hot £2.50
Smoked paprika 750g – Sweet £14.95
Smoked Paprika 750g – Hot £14.95
Fresh cooking chorizo approx. 100g (chilled) £1.20 each
Brindisa chickpeas jar £3.75
Brindisa butter beans jar £4.75
Brindisa green lentils jar £3.25
Brindisa haricot beans jar £3.25
Preserved lemons £3.75
Harrisa paste £3.75
Panko breadcrumbs £1.95
Pomegranate molasses £3.95
Date molasses £3.95
Ortiz yellow fin tuna £3.50
Ortiz white fin tuna £4.25
Ortiz anchovies (chilled) £4.50
Ortiz sardines £3.95
Coconut milk £1.75
Thai yellow curry paste £3.95
Massaman curry paste £3.95
Rendang curry paste £3.75
Goan curry paste £3.75
Sri Lankan curry paste £3.75
Nonya’s red curry paste £5.50
Nonya’s green curry paste £5.50
Nonya’s Surani paste £5.50
Nonya’s Panang Mix £5.50
Nonya’s Chilli and Ginger Sauce £5.50
Nonya’s Sambal Mix £5.50
Nonya’s Rendang Mix £5.50
Nonya’s Sweet Chilli Sauce £5.50
The Curry Sauce Co. Tikka Masala Sauce £3.95
The Curry Sauce Co. Korma Sauce £3.95
Yau’s black bean sauce £2.95
Yau’s hoi sin sauce £2.95
Yau’s satay sauce £2.95
Yau’s sweet and sour sauce £2.95
Thin egg noodles £1.95
Thick egg noodles £1.95
Gordon Rhodes chilli con carne sauce mix £1.95
Gordon Rhodes moroccan tagine sauce mix £1.95
Gordon Rhodes pulled pork sauce mix £1.95
Gordon Rhodes sausage cassoulet sauce mix £1.95
Gordon Rhodes slow stew sauce mix £1.95
Gordon Rhodes chicken curry sauce mix £1.95
Gordon Rhodes beef brisket sauce mix £1.95
Norfolk Cordials elderflower £4.50
Norfolk Cordials elderflower and cucumber £4.50
Norfolk Cordials orange, rhubarb and ginger £4.50
Norfolk Cordials redcurrant and grapefruit £4.50
Norfolk Cordials strawberry and lime £4.50
Norfolk Cordials raspberry £4.50
Norfolk Cordials blackberry £4.50
Norfolk Cordials blackcurrant and quince £4.50
Big Tom £3.25
B Chocolates Honey and Sea Salt Caramels £10.95
Harris and James dark chocolate £4.50
Harris and James milk chocolate £4.50
Booja Booja champagne truffles (gluten and dairy free) £9.95
Booja Booja truffle assortment (gluten and dairy free) £16.95
Booja Booja almond sea salted caramel truffles (gluten and dairy free) £6.95
Booja Booja hazelnut truffles (gluten and dairy free) £6.95
Booja Booja midnight espresso truffles (gluten and dairy free) £6.95
Tony’s Chocolony dark chocolate bar £4.25
Tony’s Chocolony dark chocolate almond sea salt bar £4.25
Tony’s Chocolony milk chocolate bar £4.25
Tony’s Chocolony milk chocolate toffee pretzel bar £4.25
Tony’s Chocolony milk chocolate hazelnut bar £4.25
Tony’s Chocolony milk chocolate honey nougat bar £4.25
Tony’s Chocolony milk chocolate salted caramel bar £4.25
Montezuma’s white chocolate buttons £3.75
Montezuma’s milk chocolate buttons £3.75
Montezuma’s dark chocolate buttons £3.75
Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Dips £3.25
Dark Choclate Honeycomb Dips £3.25
Cracked walnut dunkers (biscuits) £3.95
Chocolate chip dunkers (biscuits) £3.95
Chocolate orange dunkers (biscuits) £3.95
Butter crunch dunkers (biscuits) £3.95
Lemon and ginger dunkers (biscuits) £3.95
Royal Ginger dunkers (biscuits) £3.95
All butter shortbread £3.95
Flaked almond shortbread £3.95
Chocolate chip shortbread £3.95
Lemon shortbread £3.95
Norfolk Cookie Co oat cookies £3.00
Norfolk Cookie Co white choc chip oat cookies £3.00
Norfolk Cookie Co double choc chip oat cookies £3.00
Norfolk Cookie Co chocolate orange oat cookies £3.00
Norfolk Cookie Co stem ginger oat cookies £3.00
Norfolk Cookie Co peanut oat cookies £3.00
Stem ginger biscuits £3.50
Dark chocolate ginger biscuits £3.95
Butter oat crumble biscuits £3.50
Chocolate butter oat crumble biscuits £3.95
Cranberry crumbles £3.50
Butterscotch crunch biscuits £3.50
Gluten free chocolate cookies £3.50
Gluten free oat and raisin cookies £3.50
Gluten free all butter lemon shortbread £3.50
Gluten free all butter shortbread £3.50
Madagascan single origin chocolate brownie £2.25
Single origin chocolate butterscotch and sea salt brownie £2.25
Single origin chocolate raspberry brownie £2.25
Single origin chocolate Seville orange brownie £2.25
Queen Victoria sandwich £2.00
Carrot and orange cake £2.00
Cherry and almond cake (vegan) £2.00
Lemon drizzle cake £2.00
Blueberry bakewell (vegan) £1.75
Millionaire shortbread £1.75
Maple flapjack £1.75
Toasted coconut flapjack (GF DF vegan) £1.75
Chocolate Seville cake (gluten free) £2.00
Chocwork orange slice (buckwheat ‘flapjack’) (gluten free) £1.75
Espresso Caramel brownie (gluten free) £1.75
Ultimate almond brownie (gluten and dairy free) £1.75
Treacle tart £6.50
Bakewell tart £7.50
4 pack bakewell tarts £4.95
4 pack lemon almond tarts £4.95
Lemon loaf £6.50
Lemon and poppyseed loaf £6.95
Zesty orange loaf £6.95
Sticky gingerbread £6.95
Farmhouse fruit cake £7.50
Cappuccino loaf £6.95
Chocolate and vanilla marble loaf £6.95

PHONE: 01986 894754