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Anyone for tennis?

After ten days of captivating tennis, finals weekend is nearly upon us. And whilst everyone knows Wimbledon means strawberries and cream, and the odd glass of Pimms, here are our top tennis-inspired foods to get you through those nail biting moments.

The food of champions
Sports people everywhere love to go for the carbs the night before a big match, giving them the energy to get to the finish. So start your finals weekend with the end game in mind this Friday night. Seggiano pasta is made with organically grown durum wheat and ranges from tagliatelle to conchigle to suit your sauce. If you’ve still got the day’s matches to catch up on, the La Tua range of fresh handmade pasta is in the freezer. La Tua meals are made from fresh, high quality Italian ingredients – tasty and ready in minutes.

Nature’s performance enhancer
Did you know that beetroot has been linked to improved exercise endurance? That sounds like a great reason to try something different and Cawston Press’s brilliant beetroot juice delivers earthy goodness packed with Vitamin C. Or why not try Stokes beetroot relish? It goes perfectly with ham or a pork pie at picnics.

If just talk of performance foods is enough to make you perspire then it’s time to…

…bring on the bubbles
Planning to open the fizz this weekend? Then try adding a Van Nahmen fruit nectar for a deliciously, fruity taste. Or if you are looking for a non alcoholic tipple, then Fentiman’s Rose Lemonade is the perfect taste of summer – and also looks great in a champagne flute.

But if you are a traditionalist, these four strawberry delights are bound to score.
1. Kandula Strawberry Hibiscus tea makes a delicious tea and also a berry-fresh iced drink
2. Rococo’s range of chocolates includes Bianco Frabole, white chocolate covered strawberries
3. Mix Norfolk cordial’s Strawberry and Lime one part to ten parts water
4. And if you are creating a show stopping Eton mess reach for Merangz strawberry giant Swiss meringues.

Whatever the score, Love all.


Wimbledon image credit: “Wimbledon” by Scott is licensed under CC BY 2.0