Monthly Archives: May 2015

The Deli of Dreams and Other Adventures…

Eight years, eleven weeks and two days since my life as Ms Earsham Street Deli began, I am finally sitting down and beginning my blog. I have often been told by friends and customers that I should write down my daily ponderings, and so I finally listened... But where to begin?

All those years ago, when my other half and I first decided that we'd buy the lease and begin my very own business adventure, I (confidently) nicknamed the shop 'the deli of dreams'. That name stuck with my nearest and dearest, so it only seems right that it features in the title of my blog.

Being only a novice at the very start of my blogging journey, I cannot be sure which direction my musings will take me, but my intention is to update the world on the exciting moments of deli life and all the happenings of Earsham Street, Suffolk & Norfolk life, and beyond!

Watch this space...